1. Lately,

    I look much better than I feel.

  2. the winds erode

    check for stones come loose
    we may slip
    our eyes more often underfoot
    if we let ourselves just spill
    all across the veil
    maybe we can see this through

    so unheard of
    these attempts in vain
    creating such discord
    what once was clear
    radiant longing
    dissolved by our own inattentive eyes

    so I’ll wear the ribbons
    tie them to rocks
    and let go

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    What is the sound of a feeling?
  7. Distant Glory

    I listen to the clash
    and the subsequent groan.
    Eyes closed,
    Clenching stone.
    Labored breaths are close
    and my eyes betray hope.
    The shadow leaves me as
    she slips and is pulled down by darkness.
    An edge is her last feeling,
    both underfoot and that of steel.
    A phantom embrace
    is all I can bear.

    I am broken and hanging
    by a gauntlet fist
    of the corpse of my master
    doubled over the edge.
    The silence surrounds me
    within these grim depths.
    I cry, looking up,
    at tangled legs.
    I heard the snap
    due to my holding on.
    The gnarled iron ruin
    and I, held strong.

    A whimper appears,
    far from below
    and with it grows
    a horror, well-known.
    She lives.

    The scuttle of imps has begun.
    Her pain is a call for them to feast.
    What can be done?
    I am too weak.

    My leg begins screaming;
    our folly, given voice.
    Such a shrill, pretty yelp,
    and then nothing.

    I was too weak.

    The silence taunts me.

    I let go
    but cannot fall.
    As I approach my lady,
    I’ve given all.

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    snow me in

    I miss winter. The air is frigid and the world becomes bleak. Summer is too bright.

    Nature decides if we stay inside. We get to feel empowered, like we’re sticking it to the man, when we brave the elements.

    Summer is too easy. It tells me to live. We’re lazy if we stay inside.

    Summer is tragic and sweltering. I am shown what was buried beneath the snow and ice. All too often do those lost treasures wash away in the spring.

    Give me blankets. I can get warm. I don’t need the sun.

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  12. When all seems lost

    it will be.

  13. Reclaim

    Walls of stone hide a castle, small;
    a darkened courtyard with
    a single tree,

    The iron gate has turned red.
    Flakes of ash
    begin to whirl

    Broken apprehension. Thereafter, a roar.
    Her earthen birth,
    from deep molten

    No cries, no alarms. The builders? The masters?
    A life’s work abandoned,
    to disaster.

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    Cruel Masters

    The fires have grown
    along with our children.
    To appease the gods
    and prove our worth.
    But the flames will die,
    as will our kin,
    to complete our ascension
    with bones.

    Blood spared
    is blood wasted.
    We wash our minds
    with ritual.
    Blood spread
    is glorious,
    our sacrifice
    sets us free.

    The overlord tomes
    written in sacred tongues,
    could reveal the world
    unknown to us.
    Warriors and priests
    wield salvation;
    the spells and steel
    of our new beginning.

    Blood spared
    is blood wasted.
    We’ve bled our hearts
    of hope.
    Our blood spreads,
    all over us,
    our defiance
    has set us free.

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